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Wake Up, Buttercup

Are you ready to ditch the diet disasters?


Wake Up, Buttercup

Are you ready to ditch the diet disasters?

Society's beauty standards are nuts,

so why are you still trying to meet them?


Your body is imperfect (according to societal standards) and you’ve learned all the right camera angles to compensate for that.

It feels like no matter what you do, you can’t get back to your “best body.”  You look back at your thinnest self and it seems as though you were impossibly thin back then.

You are working at this food and body thing every single day and you’re not getting the results you want.


WOMEN usually come to me with one or more of these three problems:


She’s incredibly frustrated with her body.

She’s fixing her feelings with food.

She eats more than she thinks she should.

If you’re experiencing any of these, you’re not alone.

Let me ask you… 

Have you ever envied your friends who are full after two bites? Life would be so much easier if you could just eat less, but you can’t.

So you try to eat healthier.

You pass on the peanut butter. You say no to wine and ice cream and pretty much all things worth eating in this world. But it gets isolating— happy hour without the happy falls flat every time. 

When you finally do add the happy back into happy hour it’s always too much.

Too much wine. Too much cheese. Too many calories. You wake up hungover on shame and guilt.

Which inevitably leads to all kinds of promises of punishment. 

You track every calorie. You hit the gym every day—twice a day if it’s a good day. You swear off of peanut butter, wine and ice cream once again and this bad relationship continues.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to think about food all the time?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were stoked to workout in the morning?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could indulge without overindulging?

It’s possible. I have proof.

There’s proof that the more you stress about your body, the less likely you are to achieve a better body. 

Here’s what I mean by that: stress produces a hormone called cortisol. If you’re constantly stressed, you’re constantly producing it and if you’re constantly producing it, it totally disrupts your bodily processes, including but not limited to your metabolism.

If your metabolism is shot, you’re body isn’t going to get better.

There’s proof that your struggle with food has nothing to do with your lack of self-control and everything to do with what’s going on in your head and in your life.

If you eat too quickly, your brain doesn’t realize that you actually ate. So you’re left thinking you’re still hungry. Physiologically your brain is driving you to eat more and no amount of self-control is going to remedy that.

There’s proof that calories in, calories out is an ineffective.

High quality calories fill you up quicker, keep you satisfied longer, and some take more energy to burn.

My program Wake Up, Buttercup is based on the science that debunks dozens of diet myths and helps you ditch diet disasters and design a life and body you love.

Four years ago, I was the heaviest I have ever been.

I was in the process of moving to San Francisco and I confessed to a dear friend that I was so uncomfortable in my body that I didn’t want to meet new people. When your body image prevents you from doing life, you have a problem.

I had a problem. 

As old cliche goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. I went on an incredibly restrictive elimination diet to address primarily some health concerns I was having, but you bet I was hoping it would help me drop the extra pounds I was carrying.

And it did.

I lost 20 pounds in the first few months, which solved some of my weight problem, but I was still binge eating. And binge eating is still binge eating—even when it’s a three pounds bag of mandarins. 
Losing weight didn’t make me feel better, because I still had guilt and shame around how much I was eating. 

I set out to get to the bottom of this conundrum that has plagued women since the media started telling us what the perfect body should look like. 

So I hit the books—more specifically the eating psychology and nutritional therapy books. I spent the next two and a half years studying—studying why we eat and what we should eat and all of the things that affect eating that really have nothing at all to do with food.

All that studying got me certified in Eating Psychology and Nutritional Therapy.

But I want to make it simple for you. 


Nutritional Therapy

Kickoff Call. Discuss the impact of sugar in your body. Get the “yes/no” list. And receive your ‘Preparation Checklist’ to get organized, prepped and ready for the detox

Eating Psychology

We detox! Let’s rid our bodies or sugar and processed foods and nourish them with whole foods. Learn dining out tips, why you should care about digestion, and receive coaching on how to assess foods on a daily basis

 I designed this 30 Day Program to meet you exactly where you are in your struggle with food and your battle with your body and work you into a much more stress free relationship with food, exercise and your body.

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30 Emails

Daily emails with both educational content and practical to-do's for each day of the course. (value $197)

20 Audio Lessons

Audio lessons to supplement the daily reading. These audios dig deeper into principles of nutritional therapy and eating psychology and provide lots of inspiration along the journey (value $197)



IThroughout the entire 30 days, you’ll work through the Wake Up, Buttercup Workbook. All the moving parts and pieces—your thoughts, your habits, your nutrition, your exercise—will all be in this one place for you to refer back to (value $49)

Members' Site

Private members' site where you can login and get access to all of the resources from the course no matter where you are . (value $97)


Click here to get on the waitlist now

Waiting has it’s perks.

When you join the waitlist, you’ll receive a complimentary Nutritional Therapy Session—worth $197—and early access (with sweet discounts and bonuses) to the Wake Up, Buttercup course.

I made this easy, you don’t have to go digging to find what you need for each day.

I made this efficient, with only as much “inner work” as one person can handle in a day.

I made this effective. Food and body issues are never resolved with a step by step process, so this is not a step by step process, but it IS a process with structure. 


Life’s going to be different after these 30 days—brace yourself.


You’ll get a grip on overeating, so there’s that.
You’ll have it together when it comes to how you spend your time, energy and even money
Your guilty pleasures will just be pleasures, no guilt added
Your life will be full of the fun stuff
You’ll put down your body bashing baton and slip into some luxurious lingerie
You’ll think differently about what it means to have a perfect body and what it takes to get there.

You could stay on the treadmill that is your crappy relationship to food and your body and live on a prayer that maybe you’ll get your body back if you just punish yourself enough. Or you could try something different, just this once.

I want you to feel beautiful. I want you to feel free to flaunt your body and free to snuggle it up under a blanket. I want you to stand in your confidence and raise up a generation of women who will do the same, but you’ve got to do something to get to that point.

I’m sure that this is that something.

P.S. If you’re not totally sure if this is for you, I get it. Trying something new is always risky. I am committed to putting your mind at ease, so let’s talk about it. Click here to schedule a quick call with me to figure out if this is the right option for you.

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Waiting has it’s perks.

When you join the waitlist, you’ll receive a complimentary Nutritional Therapy Session—worth $197—and early access (with sweet discounts and bonuses) to the Wake Up, Buttercup course.