In this 16 week group program we end the obsession with food, and the endless body bashing.

Let's do life in accordance with your desires.


Here's how it goes down:


16 weeks of guided learning, personal development exercises, and group coaching to move you into a healthy relationship with food and with your body.  

  • 16 Fact-and-Action-Packed Learning Modules

    • These learning modules include audio, video, worksheets and supplementary materials to educate you on the psychologically and physiologically of eating and exercises to help you get different results.

  • 16 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    • On these calls you’ll get to process the learnings and exercises from the modules with a like-minded community.

    • Calls also include hot seat sessions, where you’ll have an opportunity for one-on-one coaching on specific topics in a group setting.

  • Weekly worksheets

    • The worksheets provide a structured environment for you to learn and apply the content from each module.

  • Private Facebook Group

    • Here you’ll continue to process and discuss what you’re learning and implementing in a supportive community. I’ll be available daily in the group to answer questions, prompt conversation and offer guidance.

  • Library of guided meditations

    • Meditation is a crucial part of stress reduction, and stress reduction helps bodies settle into a healthy, sustainable weight. Meditation is also instrumental in shifting our thoughts around food and our bodies.




these super indulgent bonuses:


Wake Up, Buttercup

For you AND a friend

(A $394 value)

This digital course will help you to start to understand my philosophy on food, dieting, macronutrient balance, and stress. It's also a great program to come back to anytime you feel like you need a tune up.


$500 Credit
for One-on-One Coaching

Much like any other relationship, your relationship with your body and with food requires consistent attention over time to nurture it into something healthy. If you want to dig deeper into your own process with one-on-one attention, this $500 credit for one-on-one coaching is available for you through 2018.



Stress Less Toolkit

(A $100 value)

Reducing stress is so crucial to improving your relationship with food and managing your weight. I'll mail you my favorite totally unexpected and very effective tools for doing this including blue light reducing glasses and one of my favorite teas. You also get The Desire Map book by Danielle Laporte. Knowing how you want to feel and setting your goals around that is instrumental for managing emotional eating.



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