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Body Love


Body Love

You've been fighting your body for a long time

Don't you think it's time to give Make Body Love a chance?


In a surprise plot twist, the very thing you think you’re doing that you think is going to get you the body you want ...  is actually the problem. Crazy, right? Don’t worry. We’ll work on this together. I’m here to offer you focused support and guidance with a fresh science-based approach to mind, body, and fitness so that you can finally be at peace with your amazing, hot body.


Your sessions will be 100% customized to what you need. 


We’ll peel back the layers to uncover your deepest turmoil (aka, the thing that keeps holding you back), using your issues around food as clues to where to look. From there, we’ll create total automation around your fitness and nutrition plans to make it easy like Sunday brunch.



EXPLORE your beliefs around food, why they’re holding you back, and how they don’t have to

BECOME more mindful and aware of your eating patterns and emotional triggers

LEARN to find pleasure in things by slowing down

IDENTIFY and eliminate stress and the cortisol effect, which prohibits weight loss

RECEIVE customized nutrition and fitness plans to make the process easy breezy



these fantastic results:

Be FREE of those daily thought patterns around food that have been dragging you down

Feel more energized and empowered

Think more clearly

Sleep more deeply

Digest more efficiently

Experience peace of mind

LOVE your body


Erica Walters Personal Branding-Erica Walters Personal Branding HIRES-0156.jpg

Body Love Testimonials

Body Love Testimonials


“Changed my long-term relationship with food.”

“Improved my sleep, my energy & my skin. I feel better, my mood is more stable & I've kicked long standing bad habits. This was really game changing for me!”

“Kick started a lifestyle change, one that is sustainable and healthy.”

“I found myself having more energy, getting better sleep and experiencing the weight loss I was looking for.  She guided me through the program so that it wasn't overwhelming and scary.  I could not have asked for a better experience!”

“This program is fantastic and changed the way I feel! I have more energy, sleep better and it's changed the way I think about food. This program makes you realize how much sugar is out there that is hidden.”

“I was surprised how much better I felt as the days passed.  Hoping to continue being mindful of my diet. Great job.”


Click here to get started blazing your path to a rockin’ body and a peaceful mind.


I only work with 10 clients at a time, so get on my calendar now to begin your body love transformation.

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