I saw a naked man on the beach last week.

I was strolling along, minding my own business when I saw what I thought was a naked man with a hat on. I thought, that simply cannot be.

I couldn’t believe the guy was actually naked, so I stared and squinted trying to make out his skin-toned swim shorts. But as I came up on him, I realized there were none.

The man was actually naked.

He was sitting on a San Francisco beach with his feet in the water and his ass in the sand.

If you’ve never been to a Northern California beach, you need some context for just how wild this is. (As if a naked man at the beach were not sufficiently wild!) The water is cold and the sand is rocky. Around these parts, we wear hiking boots not bikinis to the beach.

Yet here is this man, buddha belly bouncing in the wind, completely naked on the beach.

After I questioned his sanity, I took a moment to appreciate just how much he embraces his body to feel free enough to bare it all.

And I got to thinking, what’s he got that my clients don’t?

(Other than possibly being a total creeper and having no fear of the law.)

What do we have to do to get there?

Stop comparison

If we’re always comparing ourselves to someone else, we’ll never be able to get in touch with what makes us feel beautiful and free.

I mean, if this guy had compared himself to everyone else on the beach, he’d have been wearing hiking gear and I wouldn’t have this story to tell.

Reject societal norms

While I’m not advocating for you breaking the law in the name of loving your body, I am advocating that you throw out what society has told you about what beauty looks like. This sounds so simple and so logical, yet it’s one of the biggest challenges we face as women in a photoshopped world.

Do what you really want

Once you’ve stopped comparing and rejectected society beauty standards, it will be so much easier to get in touch with what you really want. And once you’re in touch with it, go for it.

Wear that outfit.

Drink that wine.

Make the first move.

If you’re perpetually suppressing who you are, you’ll never feel free and if you never feel free, you’ll forever feel stressed.

Speaking of stress, next time you’re stressing over a meal or an outfit, ask yourself, what would the naked man on the beach do?

Have a laugh about it and do what you want.