My brand strategist, Laura, recently posted on Facebook that she had gotten in the shower while still eating her breakfast—not once, but twice in one week.

I asked her, “how exactly does that happen?”

She said she didn’t even notice that she was standing in the shower with a bowl of scrambled eggs in her hand until she had turned on the water.

While I do think it’s hysterical, I also know it’s rather tragic.

The fact is that nourishment comes from not just what you’re putting in your body and how much of it, but also how you’re putting it in your body.

You’ve probably read my musings on the Mindless Multitasker before, but I have to reiterate— because it’s important!

When you scarf down your meals while doing something else, your brain isn’t even aware you’re eating so you eat more than you actually need to.

You think you have an overeating problem.

You think you lack willpower.

You think you have an insane appetite.

But the real problem is that you’re rushing through meals, working while you’re eating, and not paying attention to the food.

So, the problem isn’t willpower with food. The problem is actually that you don’t really eat when you eat.

Good news: it can be remedied!

It’s as simple as eating when you’re eating.

Sit down, turn off distractions, and taste each bite.

Sure, there are lots of other ways I advise my clients who mindless multi-task, but start here.