Sometimes the little things are just little things, but sometimes it’s the little things that grate on our nerves and cause unnecessary stress—the chipped nail polish, the tiny stain on the carpet, the clutter in your messy car, or the mismatched dishes you haven’t gotten around to replacing.

For me, it was my phone case. I broke my burgundy Caseology phone case a few months ago. When I replaced it, I bought a navy case instead. I like navy. I was up for a change, and one Amazon Prime order later, I had a new case.

I didn’t love it when I got it, but it was just a phone case, so I didn’t think much of it.

After a couple of weeks, though, I noticed my mood changed every time I caught a glimpse of my phone in its navy case on my desk. At first, I tried to talk myself out of whatever funk the phone case was bringing on—it’s just a phone case, Erica Marie. It’s the exact same case in a color you like just as much, Erica Marie. What is your deal, woman?

I couldn’t shake the funk, so I decided to do an experiment. One more Amazon Prime order later, I was sporting the burgundy phone case once again, and just like that my mood improved.

I know it seems so silly, but how often you settle for things that you don’t love?

How often do you settle for things that kind of irritate you?

It never seems like a big deal when you’re picking at the nail polish or staring at the phone case, but it is stressful.

Before you roll your eyes at me and tell me what stressful really looks like, consider that there are different kinds of stress. No, my phone case was not a category five hurricane kind of stress, but it was a constant, low-level stressor that was inexpensively remedied with the click of a button.

And here’s the crazy part…

Low-level stress compounds, and when you put that together with your big stresses, you’re likely to find yourself turning to food for comfort, avoidance, or as a distraction from whatever is stressing you out. You’re probably not going to go straight from a navy phone case to a jar of Nutella, but if you can stop stress at the navy phone case, you never have to get near the nutella—unless you want to, in which case that’s totally cool.

The good news is, it’s so simple to address.

Take time to notice what you’re feeling throughout the day. Take time to understand what’s making you feel that way, and take strides to change it.

I know that some stressors are not so easily remedied, so when you see on that’s easy to fix, take time to fix it.

In short: take time to fix the little things.