So I went on a cookie diet once—a real diet, created by a doctor, not something I made up.

I cannot make this up.

The year was 2008. I wanted desperately to lose weight for my wedding and I needed it to be easy. With the stress of planning a destination wedding, I was not trying to count calories and carbs.

In my search for an easy, quick diet, I found the cookie diet and I thought, oooh, cookies! If that’s not marketing at its finest, I don’t know what is.

I barely made it through the first paragraph on the website, before I was putting cookies in my cart. I was going to eat cookies for breakfast and lunch and I was going to lose weight doing it.

It seemed too good to be true, because it was.

I had this fantasy that the cookies would be delicious, but as it turned out, it was a cookie only in name. It was actually a foamy disc—imagine a sponge and cardboard making a baby. It was a truly repulsive concoction, but I ate it anyway.

I learned that putting the “cookies” in the microwave made them palatable. But, a week into eating the foam puffs, I was gagging on them once again. So I did what any reasonable woman would do, I ordered a new flavor.  

To this day, I gag a little bit when I think about those cookies.

The thing is, I lost weight. And because I lost weight I kept eating the cookies. While the world around me got to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and Greek grilled chicken kabobs, I kept eating cookies.

I kept eating cookies knowing that there was absolutely nothing nutritious or healthy about them because I thought if I could just get to my goal weight, I could stop eating cookies. I thought that when I got to my goal weight, I would magically be able to maintain the weight loss.

I thought wrong.

Those 8 pounds came back 8 times faster than they disappeared and I was left with nothing but a reminder that quick fixes don’t work.

We all know quick fixes don’t work, but most of us keep trying them anyway.

Have you asked yourself why?

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