Most women have or will struggle with emotional eating at some point. (And many men, for that matter.) The difference between humans and most other creatures is the depth to which we experience emotion; we need a way to cope with all of that. We may hate the fact we turn to food because of the implications it has for the waistline, but on the worst of days, sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is eat the ice cream. Now, I’m not advocating for pints of Ben and Jerry’s over professional help. What I am saying is there’s a perfectly good reason we turn to food to deal with our feeling or lack thereof, and the more aware we are of this, the more we can do about it.

Food can be comforting. It can be pleasurable. It can be filling. It can be numbing. It can meet a lot of our emotional desires if we choose to let it. "Choose" being the keyword here. If we know what our emotional desires are, we can make a choice as to how we want to meet them. Sometimes the answer is sweets. Sometimes it’s not. Only you can know.

Overcoming emotional eating is a process that can hardly be boiled down to just three steps, but today I’m giving you three steps to get started on the path.

  1. Know how you want to feel

  2. Stop long enough to realize you’re feeling this way

  3. Make a conscious choice about how you’re going to handle it

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