Six years ago, on the way home from my windowless, ten hour, paperwork stamping, beige cubicle job, I was stuck in traffic, pondering my life choices.  My mechanical engineering career looked great on the outside, but it felt pretty shitty on the inside. So, I pulled into the Krispy Kreme drive-thru, a familiar scene so many women can relate to. In my mind, I played out whether I should or shouldn’t, a subconscious charade. I knew I shouldn’t. I also knew I would. I was just going to order one, but it ended up being three: two original and one fritter. I don’t even like the fritters. But, because of their density, I was hoping it’d fill me up. 


In reality, I was looking to stuff the void I was feeling inside

with deep fried carbs glazed with sugar.


As I consumed my sinful pleasures, I started to feel repulsed. Ashamed. My belly was full and uncomfortably heavy.  I stopped myself short of finishing off the fritter by stuffing it under my seat.  That didn’t last. It was gone before I entered my house. In hindsight, it’s so clear what’s going on. But, that’s just my Eating Psychology training talking. Back then, I suffered without understanding.


I wish I could say this was my rock-bottom, but I wasn’t quite there yet.


On top of everything else, I developed an autoimmune disease. Stricken with migraines and digestive issues, I found myself avoiding social situations because I never knew when a flare-up would take place. With my isolation came feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety, embarrassment, insecurity and shame … the same feelings that surrounded my unhealthy eating and body image. Finally, my sister stepped in and called me out:


"You’re in your 20’s. You need to do something about this.”


Hence began my journey into learning everything I could about the psychology of eating and the science of nutrition and applying it to my own life … leading to a body and life I love. I was able to make sense of what emotions were triggering my unhealthy eating sessions. I was able to wrap my head around my digestive issues, from a place of nutritional science. And, I was able to lift the feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and despair A career change was in order. My calling has been met.


Changing the face of nutrition and wellness.


Now, I am a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Nutritional Therapist, and currently working towards a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health. I’ve gone from numbing out on Krispy Kreme’s and living in isolation to finding total body peace and the best health and emotional stability of my life. Now I teach my clients how to make this incredible transformation in their own lives by facing their food demons and ditching the punishment and shame for loving their amazing, hot bodies. I currently offer one-on-one “make body love” health coaching and facilitate a 21-day sugar detox. Let’s work together so you can feel peace of mind, love your body, and help change the face of nutrition and wellness.